You are surrounded each day with clandestine energy vampires.

This energy thiefs are literally stealing your life force,you must be aware of them and protect yourself well.
Energy is a force that keeps you going,is the energy infused in your soul that gives you the existence.
When your energy force gets depleted,you loose your strength,your senses,your awareness,and you become very week to any outside forces that try to manipulate your being.
This energy thiefs can come to you in different forms like:food,drinks,information,institutions,belif systems or toxic relationships.
Be aware how you feel each moment,how you react to your surroundings to people,circumstances,be aware how you resonate with any information you encounter.
All this interactions have to be monitored and if you feel they steal your energy ,then change your ways,do not react to them,do not expose yourself to them,do not acknowledge their existence,protect your energy,do not give it away.
Any time you feel down,any time you feel with low energy,look around,analyze your surroundings,your people,your informations,your food,your drinks,the substances you consume and change the way you use them,choose a new way,a new surrounding,new people,new information,new types of food or drinks.
Change your ways and keep your energy  clear, take care of yourself !!!

Lots of love!