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The soul work company is guiding you in the evolutionary process of your soul. Helping humanity to remember who we really are, healing old emotional traumas, stop the suffering and aligning them with the highest version of themselves. Monica Viglioglia is known for her gifts in emotional intuition and spiritual sensitivity , something she feels originated in her childhood which begin in Romania and Hungary, where she studied International Relations and later Business Management in Germany. After her studies Monica moved to Italy ,Spain and Portugal, this allowed her to speak fluently seven languages. From a very young age she felt that her deep connection to the Devine ,her knowledge and spiritual guidance could help others see their life from another perspective and put an end to emotional suffering. At this moment she is an author and therapist helping people release and heal emotional pain using her unique method of SoulWork Therapy. Her first book, is gifting people with the knowledge that they all have a great opportunity to open themselves up to a relationship with The Supreme Consciousness, that speaks to all of us in a variety of ways, all you need to do is understand how to listen. That is her goal and hope for all readers. She want them to understand who they are, what their lives mean, stop suffering and work towards becoming the healthiest, happiest version of themselves.


Hola querida familia soulwork, el día 26 de noviembre os espero en el […]

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Recuerda quién realmente eres, sana tus emociones y sana tus relaciones.

Monica Viglioglia  autora,terapeuta […]

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Estas fiestas regala amor y sanación

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Hiperconsciencia de humano a superhumano Curso 26 noviembre en Marbella

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El equilibrio

Cuando reconoces que eres una persona compuesta por una mente, un cuerpo y […]

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El Coraje para vivir la vida como un espíritu libre

Ningún mandamiento es necesario para ser un espíritu libre. Simplemente necesitas la verdad […]

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Hijo, el tiempo es cualquier momento y todo momento en que permaneces en […]

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Vosotros decidís

Naturalmente la vida es creada sólo para transformarse a sí misma de manera […]

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EL método SoulWork se centra en sanar tus bloqueos emocionales, permitiendo recuperar el balance […]

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