This transformational deep soul work method therapy addresses some of our most challenging issues: fear, insecurity, romance, abandonment, failure, and much more. Releasing our own emotional blockages and working on our energy body can guide us to see life from a different perspective and help us immensely in our own healing and growing journey. Monica will help you discover your true self, digging deep, clearing negativity, healing, realigning your mind body and soul for a happy and healthy new you.

The Soul Work Method addresses the relationship of the human energy system with emotional issues, helping us to remember old traumas or negative occurrences memory’s that happened during our life time and are stored in our subconscious. This memory’s are considered emotional blockages that are not processed completely during some life event and they can create pain or disease by harming some of the body organs and negatively impact our lives. The emotional body is directly connected to our soul that enlivens our physical body. Our bodies and emotions are made of energy which has a unique frequency or vibration the pressure of negative vibrational energy coming from suppressed emotions for extended periods on our energy body field is causing blockages disrupting the normal functioning of the organs and self healing mechanism existing in each one of us. Monica’s approach comes from the experience of many years in working with the human energy field, helping hundreds of people on their healing journey. There is much more to deep and complete healing than symptom relief. Monica using her methodology will look at what’s going on with your energy system, how unprocessed emotions from the past might be affecting that, and help you become rebalanced enabling you to transform your life.

There is no preparation needed, just keeping an open mind and relaxed state of being.

The sessions are one and a half hour and an extra meditation where the energy work will be done. You will receive the music sent to you from Monica and can do the meditation after the session or at the evening just before going to sleep.

With the fifth dimensional quantum energy field there are no boundaries and this is the energy I am working with. There is no need to talk you can just take an appointment and stay relaxed in a meditative estate with the music I will send you and receive the healing.

One hour meanwhile you will relax and listen to the meditation I will send you.

Yes I will need all the names and birth dates of the family members.

You will be satisfied and make a shift in the first session yet if you wish a deep insight to your inner world to clear old traumas and belief systems you need to work a longer period – look at the SOULWORK METHOD INTENSIVE 3 month packages