Fear: even the word sounds scary and still you made fear a part of your lives; there is not one person on the face of earth who is not experiencing daily fear. You all do, you all live in fear, love in fear, act in fear.

My children, fear is supposed to be used as a tool for your growth, just like you use a spice to make your food more delicious, but you forget and you made fear out to be a great part of your lives; you get addicted to fear and keep it close by yourself.

Fear is just an illusion, your soul knows no fear and you will understand this very minute you acknowledge and remember who you really are. Fear is pressing upon you, pushing your buttons, exhausting your energy and still you are reluctant to let it go. Living with fear became your natural state… How far this is from truth. When I tell you that love and light is all that you are, I mean it for I created you to be from my own love and light, and in the midst of this love and light fear is nonexistent, never was, never will. Fear exists only on your playground; fear is part of the illusion, of your experiences; [it] is a catalyst, a teacher, a friend but not in the sense that you are used to it. I explain: fear is a good friend because it helps you experience yourself for that which you are not; fear is pushing you in a direction that is not natural to your soul and you suffer. Because of fear you act and you learn what is the opposite of your soul, that which you are not, the opposite of love. See it just like the other side of the spectrum.

Anything and everything you undertake in your lifetimes, any action is chosen from a place of love and joy or fear and anxiety. But your soul knows only love and will always guide you towards actions based on love. This is when you recover and align with your soul then fear fades from your life.

This is when you will realize that fear is an illusion, is a tool that you used for your evolution. Fear shaped your personality; without fear you wouldn’t become the masterpiece of yourself, but now you know who you are and know that your soul, your real self knows no fear and needs no fear to exist, to be what was created to be a magnificent love and light being a child of God.

Fear is not there to be released, fear is there to be understood; when you understand it, you give it a meaning and fear will be left behind, just like a kindergarten comrade, your growth implies the change of scenarios, of friends, people surrounding you, you change yourself, you move on and create yourself new scenarios, new friends, new people around you.

Just like that as you grow, as you remember who you are, you live fear behind and replace it with love for your soul knows only love, lives in love, acts in love, this is who you really are.

I will not tell you to stop fear; I will tell you to use fear, but leave it behind when it doesn’t serve you any more, you came to experiment and to experience with fear, and you can do it as long as you wish for. But heaven on earth you will accomplish when you leave fear behind, because you realized self, you know who you are, and in the new place you live now, in the place of infinite, eternal love, fear is nonexistent.

Therefore, my dear children, play, live, love, understand and remember what fear is just as you remember what love is, just as you remember who you really are. Mastering fear is mastering your life, controlling the tools you use for your evolution is indeed self mastery. Master your fear and you mastered your life.