From human to superhuman

Hello beloved soulwork family, on November 26 I will wait for you at the Hapimag Hotel for the next level I SOULWORK initiation course.

It is an intensive course of an 8-hour day in which we talk about the great human and planetary transformation, how to awaken our dreams and activate the change of our interior so that it is reflected in our daily circumstances.

We received identification codes through the channeling of light, karmic purification, activation of sleeping DNA, recalibration of the energetic bodies and in the end we received harmonization with Tibetan bowls by Agustín Amaya.

The initiation in the first phase of this course is especially relevant to the great planetary and individual human change.

I am guided by sharing with you ancestral wisdom and codes of light, information that I received for years in my channeling. With this work of the soul it incorporates universal frequencies that connect us directly to “The Light” and we initiate a spiritual path that leads to enlightenment. The first phase opens us to healing and transformation through the SOULWORK METHOD

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