As an ordained minister of holistic healing and energy therapy practitioner trained in energy psychology and energy medicine, I work with clients to balance the energies of their body in relationship to traumatic events, limiting beliefs and negative emotions that may be interfering with optimal well-being. I am not a licensed health care professional and my services do not in any way replace the care from health care professionals. My services do not in any way relate to medical and/or psychological clinical treatment and I do not diagnose or treat any diseases or disorders. All information provided on this site is based on my own experience and any of your own explorations with energy work should first be discussed with your licensed healthcare practitioner.

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Purpose of the Privacy Policy

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Storage of data, for how long, and for what purpose

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Information stored in databases can be used to identify users and for statistical studies of registered users.

During data collection, and whenever data is requested, users will be informed of the mandatory or voluntary nature of its collection.

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Information about The Soul Work Company S.L. and the right to rectify, access, dispute and have data deleted

In accordance with our obligations under Article 10 of Act 34/2002, dated July 11, Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, we inform you that:

The website and services offered are managed and owned by The Soul Work Company S.L..

Confidentiality of all information provided by clients, and the control of data is assured by The Soul Work Company S.L. In addition to the minimum required by law, the collection and handling of data is ensured using safety standards that prevent the loss or manipulation of data. According to legislation, all clients of The Soul Work Company S.L. have the right to access, rectify, cancel and dispute personal data held. In addition, at any time, clients may demand not to receive publicity.


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Reasonable care should be exercised by users of the website adopting the principle of good faith and with respect to the law, morality, public order, to morality, to the rights of third parties or the company, all according to the purposes and opportunities for which they were conceived. The Soul Work Company S.L. assumes no liability, whether direct or indirect, for damages or lost profits, arising from the misuse of services or content by users or third parties.


Information about links

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Users are able to disable and / or delete cookies by following browser instructions however you may not have access to all of the websites features and may not be compatible with user requirements.

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