The main challenge in your lives is the way you use your mind and develop your mindset. Persistent training is necessary for each individual to be able to control their mind. If you do not choose to take on the challenge and master your thoughts, the opposite will happen and the mind will control you. The subconscious mind contains every piece of information from your entire life. It is an encrypted energy field of information.

The conscious mind takes directions from the subconscious, and without even knowing it many times you are subconsciously directed in the wrong direction. Why are you sent in the wrong direction? Because your subconscious does not contain only good thoughts and positive affirmations, but also contains all of your unconsciously acquired conditioning, belief systems, and pragmatic judgmental ideas that do not even belong to you. You picked them up along the way from your parents, family, school, friends, society, and religions.

So if you are not paying attention, you will be directed by impulses of unconsciousness. Without noticing you will move in circles, on autopilot, with no progress or personal growth. Control your mind and let your soul take over; that is your true nature and that is who you are. The road to self-mastery includes mind control, soul alignment, and body wellness.