We are all one, in and out, up and down, as above so below.

You are a soul a descendant from God, you are one with God.
You deserve it all:love, health, wealth it is your divine birth right to have it all.
It is foolish to think that you are a small insignificant being .
I am here to show you your greatness .
Existence just IS there is no up and down or right or left there is only one way that is to exist, be, all just is, all that is, Is God.
The formula of the existence is downloaded to the core of each soul,no soul exists without God infusion or creation. A soul is a complete arrangement of blueprints or better said light infusions, and musical sound infusions, a crystalline grid , filled with bright light that is eternally shining.
The light infusions will determine the colour print and the musical or vocal cords will determine the sound or the voice of the soul.
There are not and never will be two souls with absolutely the same colour or sound, it is non existent, never has, and never will be.
Therefore we are all multidimensional beings, with unique blueprints, receiving free will and unconditional love from Creator.
Life on earth is only experience of itself, the meaning of life is what you choose to give it.
The most important task here for us is probably the most difficult one too, is to LIVE in the NOW, acknowledge, feel and enjoy every moment of your existence this is the real gift .
Many people still belive that we came here just to be put in a kind of school for the soul where if you do not graduate you will be punished, the truth is, God never put you in any school it was YOU who choose all the experiences you are having right now, positive or negative ones too, reason is the evolution of your own soul and he is never ever judging you or punishing you for anything it is always YOU who das.
On the other hand what we really came here to do is REMEMBER, remember who we really are
God loves us in such an unconditional way that he even let us experience the disconnection from source, from him, and let us play the remembrance game of life on earth in order to find our truth, find back to him and feel whole again.

Therefore REMEMBER who you really are !!! Is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

I am here to help you, enlighten your path enabling you to become the highest version of yourself, looking foreword to meet you personally or online.

Lots of love