Soul Work is the circle of life, the purpose of your incarnation, is the evolution of your soul. Working on your soul is the only way to evolve. We can say that your existence is soul work since you are all souls.

But please, my children, do not get it wrong (smile), it is not hard work as you define working on earth; it is effortless. It is a work of releasing, accepting, remembering, surrendering, and recreating. God is working for you; there is nothing for you to do just what you yourself choose to do, wish to do, decide to do and to be. Beingness is required, not doingness.

Soul Work is my gift to you; evolution is what you gift yourself with, eternally in infinite ways. Choose it and have fun, enjoy working on your soul. The new paradigm is relentlessly nearing, heaven on earth depends on your choices therefore choose and become your soul, choose to know, choose to experience, choose to remember.

There are many reasons to work on your soul, one of the most important aspect is to remember who you really are, and that comes along as you deepen and change the perception about yourself.

First, you start by accepting and allowing this idea to embrace your whole being: I am soul! This is the real me, this is who I am, always was, always will be. Mature thinking allows you to know that new ideas to your perception will be complicated to accept; your ego-mind will come up with all kind of excuses as why not to accept this new idea. The only way to accept new ideas and change perception is by feeling your way in to it; mental thinking is not enough, you must feel it and deeply resonate with it.

Masters are made by God not because they choose so but because they allow constantly themselves to receive new ideas, concepts, perspectives which can be implemented with their own creativity.

I tell you, my children, you will never change a thought, a pattern or a belief system only with mental work but you will easily do it through your mind and feeling it with your soul.

• Why [to] do it? For your evolution, dear ones! And this is Soul Work.

• How to do it? Changing old negative beliefs and patterns, healing them, clearing them and exchanging them to new ones that serve your current mission and thereby your evolution.

• When to do it? Any time you feel stuck, any time you feel down, lonely, depressed, obsessed, lost, disconnected, fearful, and all the time you wish to evolve consciously.

All the help you need you can find it in this book, the coming ones and the Soul Work method. All these tools will assist you in your evolution. Call on me, look for me, connect with me and I will be always there as I am always with you.