The soul work method focuses on releasing your emotional baggage,enabling you to regain absolute balance of mind body and soul,activating a deeper understanding of who you really are and aligning you with the highest version of yourself.

The conscious mind is about 10% of your intelligence. The other 90% is the subconscious mind which archives and remembers all that we do and experience in life. The subconscious  mind is directly linked to our soul and can be thought of as a binary computer that can be asked any questions.The soul work method helps us remember old traumas or negative occurrences  memory’s that happened during our life time and are stored in the subconscious.This  memory’s are considered emotional blockages  that are not processed completely during some life event and  they can create pain  or disease  by harming some of the body organs and negatively impact our lives.The human energy field or emotional body is directly connected to our soul that enlivens our physical body.Our bodies and emotions are made of energy which has a unique frequency or vibration the pressure of negative vibrational energy coming from suppressed emotions  for extended periods on our energy body field is causing blockages disrupting the normal functioning of the organs and self healing mechanism existing in each one of us.

The Soul Work Method

The soul work cards are designed to help you get in touch with your own subconscious  mind by focusing your attention on the colored spots  suddenly a memory will pup up or you will start seeing patterns in the spot that will help you remember a situation a person or unpleasant event from your life,the feelings attached to this occurrence are written on the other side of the card and the organs that may have been harmed are also mentioned.