Emotional Healing Expert

Monica  is known for her gifts in emotional intuition and spiritual sensitivity, something she feels originated in her childhood, she is a catalyst of your hidden pain and works with the fifth dimensional quantum field energy using her own method.

From a very young age she felt that her deep connection to the Devine, her knowledge and spiritual guidance could help others see their life from another perspective and put an end to emotional suffering. She have helped  hundreds of people heal and transform their lives.

“Everything about healing and lasting change in life comes down to one simple rule:You must  Remember  who-you-really-are or realign with your soul.I feel that each of us in order to lead a happy, healthy and successful life, first we must release and heal the old negative emotions which are still affecting our life and only after, we can implant new positive beliefs, that are completely aligned with our soul.”


Author & Creator of the SOULWORK Methodology

Monica’s first book, “SOUL WORK: Remember who you really are”,  encourages us to find a deeper connection to our own soul therefore to our essence, to heal from past emotional traumas, and ultimately to find a sense of true inner peace.

Monica’s Method

This transformational deep soul work method therapy addresses some of our most challenging issues: fear, insecurity, romance, abandonment, failure, and much more. Releasing our own emotional blockages and working on our energy body can guide us to see life from a different perspective and help us immensely in our own healing and growing journey. Monica will help you discover your true self, digging deep, clearing negativity, healing, realigning your mind body and soul for a happy and healthy new you.

Speaker and Teacher

Monica is internationally recognized as a speaker and emotional healing expert using her own methodology, transforming lives, touching  all the souls who are attracted to her voice.

She is guiding you to open your soul and nurture you in to your most healthy, successful and beautiful self.

Spiritual guide and Founder of Global Soulwork Attunement Movement

The Soul Work Company and the Global Soulwork Attunement Movement is her project that is serving humanity to evolve and develop further in the new era of light.

Monica can guide you on your journey to self realization and self mastery.

She is organizing intensive training courses find out more about private sessions or retreats.

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