Existence itself  or our life on earth is not a necessity is a beingness,no pressure,no rush ,no push.It is completely up to you what you choose to experience ,where and how many times.

For example when you incarnate on the earth plane,all you do before, is preparing your life path or the so called soul contract,choosing the experiences you wish to have,your graduation,your strengths and your soul partners who will agree with you to help you complete the chosen experiences in order to graduate from the lessons. We have a group of souls with whom we work closely on the other side. We incarnate primarily with these souls, over and over, and they show up as our friends, lovers, and sometimes family relationships. These are the souls with whom we will be closely bonded in this life. Some people call this group our ‘soul family’ and there tends to be between 5 and 20 souls in this group.

These souls are your soulmates. Some of them will be closely bonded to you for life, while others will come in just for a while. These souls embody energies that you benefit from, and are lacking in yourself, and you will embody energies that the souls around you need and benefit from. So for example, perhaps you bring loving, gentle energies and the people around you are reminded to be kinder to themselves and others when they’re with you. If a close relationship, past or present, has taught you something that helped you to evolve, change or become a better person, that person is likely to be a soulmate of yours. We all teach one another in this way.

For example if your issue is to learn to accept and love yourself more and this is what you wish to work on in this life time then you will agree with your soul partners to show you or mirror you the missing self love in your self,by not loving you as you expect them to love you ,what will lead to suffering ,and till you do not recognize it and start doing something about it ,this lesson will appear again and again and again,possibly with different soul-partners mirroring to you the same issue: luck of self love . Only when you consciously acknowledge the issue and take it to your awareness by changing your relationship to your self to your soul ,you start loving yourself more and more ,then  suddenly all the soul partners who were mirroring you the luck of self love will disappear and new ones appear that will give you free,unconditional,sweet warm love just as you deserve it and just as you already give it to your self.